Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ABC Challenge-W & X

I cannot say that these are my most creative or unique manicures, but I do like the colors on both.  I was both in a hurry to get two done in one sitting as well as I am so ready for the next challenge that my imaginative juices were not really flowing for these.                       

So W is for White Dots. Like I said, nothing too creative.  I do love this color though. Sinful Colors Have a Latte.  It kind of reminds me of bowling pins :-)

X is for well.....X.  I used one of my favorite colors Mossy Britches by Ultra Pro.  I then striped on black X's and added a rhinestone to the middle of each.

Hope you enjoyed these two posts.  Y will be up tomorrow......unfortunately my nails broke and are down to tiny little stumps.  They are cute and tiny and each time I look at them I tell them to grow faster! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday all!


  1. love the green!


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