Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 12-Where does Strawberry Milk come from?

A pink cow of course!!  I know, you are rolling in your seats laughing because you have never heard that before!

Today's theme was animal print.  I had a lot of ideas for this one. I wanted to do snake skin, then peacocks, then a clown fish.  I looked on the internet for inspiration, thought about animals that I thought were cool, and then I started browsing my stamps. Lo and Behold I saw a poor unused cow stamp! Now we just did black and white, so it couldn't be just an ordinary cow. Noooo. It had to be a PINK cow!!  There isn't much more to say than mooooove on down and take a look :-P

Base-Sinful colors Oasis
White-Sally Hansen Hard to Get
Stamp-BM 222 using Kleancolor Black

I love this cutesy manicure! I can just picture sweet little Pink Elsie Cow with all her sass roaming the field eating grass with style ;-)  

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