Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rainbow Brite

Today I have another Llama Lacquers for you.  This was the first polish that inspired me to do the 80's female cartoon characters.  Rainbow Brite is so very colorful and was a favorite of mine growing up.  I was inspired by her bright blue dress with Rainbow colored puffs all over the sleeves and legs.  I think this polish really resembles her.  What do you think?

I used NYC Cashemere Creme as my base coat and then attempted to do a rainbow like fan on the accent nail.  The accent nail didn't turn out as I had planned, but it's not terrible :-P  I added a blue rhinestone for one more special effect!

Make sure you go check out this polish in my etsy store Llama Lacquers.  While you are there take a look at all the other polishes in the collection as well.  Thanks for checking me out!! I love all your comments :-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Princess of Power

So, I realize that in my last post I said I was going to take a break for a while. But guess what? I can't.  I just can't leave my nails naked. It just won't do. Partly because my nails are yellow but mainly because I simply have an addiction.  I just want to try out all my polish. And if they are naked, that will never happen!!
Instead, I did a whole lot of research on taking better care of my cuticles and already they look better. I will post later about the things I am doing. But for now I want to show you another one of my Llama Lacquers. It just became my new favorite.  She-Ra was my absolute favorite cartoon as a little girl.  I loved everything about her and I was pretty sure that if I tried hard enough, raised that sword up into the sky with all my might, and said "By the Power of Grayskull. I am She-Ra"  I would either turn into her or she would magically appear and become my best friend.  How awesome would that have been!!  Alas, it never happened.  So I had to be content to ride her around on her beautiful steed Spirit and play in her castle and dream that I was the Princess of Power.  
For this manicure I didn't really need to do much.  I put it over one coat of Sinful Colors This is It.  (a beautiful color on its own I might add)  The Llama Lacquers polish itself is a clear base with tiny white matt glitter, large red hex, square gold, and a few yellow hex.  All colors of her outfit....the yellow for her long blonde hair.  I feel like a kid again and maybe if I try hard enough,  I will turn into She-Ra. 

What do you think?  Were you a fan of She-Ra growing up?  Maybe it wasn't in your time frame, but it's still a pretty polish :-)  Check out my etsy store to see other polishes from the collection as well as some from the Princess Bride and some Halloween inspired polishes.  Llama Lacquers

Cats in Corners on a Colorblock

I knew from the day I started this challenge I knew what I wanted to do for C.  I love a colorblock manicure and I never do them.  The first and the last one I did was for my trip to NYC and I got so many compliments on it.  And this was before I was really any good at doing my nails :-P  I also wanted to throw in another C word into these nails, but wasn't sure what.  Cookies?  Caterpillars? Caligraphy?  Nope, Cats. Plain old cats.  A black cat even....cause it's almost Halloween and I want to do everything Halloweeny right now.  I really wanted to do some orange, green, gold, fall colors, but changed my mind in the end and went with some bold and darker colors.  I think it turned out pretty great. The only thing about color blocking is that with adding so many colors it gets messy and requires a lot of cleanup which in turn dries out my cuticles. Other than that I really like this one.  Its cute and a bit whimsical.  What do you think?

Colors-Hard Candy Frenzy, NYC Manhattan, NYC Sidewalks, Nicole OPI Give Me the First Dance
Stamp-BM04 using Kleancolor Black

So, I am thinking about having naked nails for a while as I fix the dryness around my cuticles.  They just look awful and even with a great manicure, all I can see is the bad cuticles.  Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this one.  I think it's pretty darn cute!!  

Thanks for stopping by and check out all the other Creative and Cute manicures.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame

"Jem is my name. No one else is the same. Jem is my name" Sing it with me ladies.  What 80's girl didn't love her some Jem.  She was the oh so cool answer to Barbie.  On top of it all she had pink hair. Awesome.  So I have for you today a manicure using my new Llama Lacquers polish JEMtastic.  When I set out to make this polish I knew it had to have pink and yellow.  Light pink glitters for her hair, bright pink squares for her eye makeup, and of course some yellow to represent the star in her name.  I just love this polish both in the bottle and on my nails.  I wanted it to stand out so I used it over Orly's Decades of Dysfuntion which is a white polish with an almost lavender/pink tint to it.  I also did an accent nail with stars. Cause JEM was a star!!

Base-Orly Decade of Dysfunction
Glitter-Llama Lacquers JEMtastic
Accent Nail-Wet N Wild Tickled Pink
Stamp-BM15 using Sally Hansen Lightening & Speedy Sunburst

If you like it and have to have it you can purchase it at my etsy shop, Llama Lacquers. There are four more polishes based on 80's cartoon females and of course my Princess Bride collection.  Also, two Halloween themed polishes that are a little unusual.   

Thanks for stopping by!!  I appreciate all of your comments.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway too! It ends on October 13th :-)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Appreciation Giveaway

I love you guys.  I appreciate all of your support and so I am having a giveaway.  I am thankful to be at 98 GFC followers.  I am thankful that I have 75 facebook followers.  I am thankful for all of the kind comments.  I am simply thankful for you guys.  I love doing this, and it makes it all the more sweeter to have people along for the ride.

So to thank you properly, I am having a giveaway.  It will include some beautiful LA Colors polishes from the Fairytale Collection and you will get to choose two polishes from my very own Llama Lacquers.  One from the Princess Bride Collection and one from my 80's Rocking Female Cartoon Character's Collection

All you need to do to enter is the following.....
a Rafflecopter giveaway
You must be 18 to enter and it is open internationally.  Good luck!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'B'ows and zom'B'ies

Bows and Zombies.  Those two things absolutely go together, right?  I made the decision that they do after trying to come up with something unique for week two of the ABC's of nails for my Llama Lacquers group.  I have had zombies on the brain for a few days as I am planning a zombie party for Halloween.  I could think of nothing but zombie zombie zombie. Zombie does not start with B.  Someone suggested doing Braaaaaaaiiiinnns and I love that idea, but I couldn't figure out how.  So I decided I wanted to do bows. Yes, not anywhere in the realm of zombiedom, but I made it work.  I figure some girl zombies have bows in their hair.  I mean, they don't choose when they turn into zombies.  It could be on prom night, or out on a date, or even their wedding for crying out loud.  So my nails are a tribute to those poor zombie girls who got all dressed up and never made it to their fancy ball.  Forced to roam in search of brains and human flesh, still adorned with their beautiful bows on their heads :-P

I started with a french manicure using a zombie flesh colored polish by Essie and then topped it with my very own indie polish Rick Grimes, Zombie Killer.  I also used this on the accent nail.  The zombie skin effect is awesome!  I just love how it looks all rotting but sparkly at the same time! I then freehanded some bows on the tips of each nail.  I added some sparkly red to look like blood dripping from the bow. Poor zombie girl.  

Base & Tips-Essie High Spirits topped with Llama Lacquers Rick Grimes, Zombie Killer
Bow-It's So Easy Striper Black
Blood- LA Colors striper red glitter

I left the right hand unzombified so you could see the awesomeness that is my new polish.  If you haven't already done so, please go check out my polishes on etsy.  Llama Lacquers

I hope you liked me zombie BOW nails.  I sure had fun making them.  There are so many more Halloween themed mani's coming in the next month, I just can't wait.  Do you love Hallween as much as I do?  

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate all your comments.  Make sure to check out the other 'B'eautiful manicures by the other ladies. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Girly Girl Challenge Elegant Print

I feel like I haven't been around much! It started with football partying last Sunday, then the cocktail flu on monday, and then both of my children were down with strep throat the rest of the week plus I opened up my etsy store, Llama Lacquers, on Tuesday. Today was the first day I was actually able to go out of the house and be amongst the living.  I miss blogging every day :-(  But I think I miss reading everyone else's blogs and commenting on the beautiful manicures that my ladies do the most.  I feel like I'm neglecting other bloggers.  Sorry ladies....I love you!!!

On a good note, Llama Nails (my new group on facebook) had a great first challenge day! So many people posted and we are up to 62 members. I really never expected so many people to join.  Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who have joined and are participating! Oh, and saving the drama for the llama <3

Onto the nails.  This week's girly girl challenge was Delicate/Elegant print.  I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I saw this.  I have been waiting to use my bundle monster paisley stamp since I got it, and I was finally able to! I also used two new Sinful Colors I got from the $.99 sale from Walgreens.  I chose two different bases Leap Fog which I stamped with a metallic purple, and then I used a metallic SC called Hot Wired which I stamped with white.  I love the Leap Fog.  It went on completely opaque in two coats.  You could almost get away with one coat but it left a few bald spots. Overall I like this manicure.  I think the stamping could have been a little bit better (especially on the middle finger).  I do love the two color stamping on the accent nail! What do you think?

Base Coats-Sinful Colors Hot Wired & Leap Fog
Stamp-BM 315 using Maybeline Amethyst Ablaze & Spoiled Correction Tape

On another note, I love my new light box.  It makes all the colors look so life like.  But it sure does show every imperfection! I gotta work on that ;-)  

Thanks for stopping by.  And check out the other girls beautiful delicate manicures! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A is for Autumn

In case you don't know I have recently started a new group on facebook called Llama Nails. We are a group of fun loving nail girls who just want to have fun with nails and keep the drama for the llama :-)  If you haven't is our adorable little mascot llama.  You know she wants you to do her nails, right?

So we have started a new challenge today called the ABC of Nails.  We will be going through the alphabet one week at a time! Each week we will post a manicure that contains something from the letter of the week.  It can be a polish name, a polish brand, an item on your nails, or even a technique.  These posts will come to you on Wednesdays! 

Obviously to begin with we are starting with A.  I wanted to do something different, but had a hard time coming up with something. The weather here yesterday was so beautiful.....almost fall like, so I decided to do an 'A'utumn manicure.  I love Autumn, don't you?  The smell of pumkin spice, crisp leaves, apple cider.  The sound of rustling leaves and kids playing outside.   Even the gorgeous colors of Autumn.  They have to be some of my favorite color combinations.  Russet oranges, dark reds, golden browns, and coppery colors.  I recently purchased an indie polish from Hit Polish called Autumn Harvest which is a gorgeous combination of sparkly fall colors.  I used this over gold and then did a gradient using some colors found in the polish with a leaf stamp on top.  I really like this gradient and I think it looks just beautiful next to Autumn Harvest and the gold stamp! I am so glad I get to keep this on for a couple of days!! Doesn't it make you want to take a walk in the brisk fall air and step on lots of leaves :-) 

Base-Milani Gold Dust
Glitter-Hit Polish Autumn Harvest
Accent Gradient-Ultra Pro Mossy Britches, Ultra Pro Burnished Bronze, & Finger Paints Picasso's Puce
Stamp-BM04 using Maybelline Bold Gold

Sorry if my cuticles aren't quite up to par :-(  Alas, so many other things going on!!

So, what's your favorite thing about Autumn??  

And hey....I have opened my polish store on Etsy, so please stop by and check out some of my Princess Bride inspired polishes! It's called Llama Lacquers :-)

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate all of your comments! Please check out the other ladies participating in this fun challenge.  Lots of really cool 'A' manicures!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Here we go Steelers (with a girly twist)

Today's Girly Girl Challenge is Gimme that Bling.  No problem....I've got plenty of rhinestones :-)  Today is also the opening day of the NFL regular season and I am a HUUUUGE Steelers fan. I will be going to an epic football party with some great people today and needed something really great to show off on my nails.   I realize that most people would say that football and girly girl cannot go together, but I beg to differ.  Anything can be made girly by adding some jewels!

So, for this manicure I used the Steelers colors and added some red, blue, and gold rhinestones to represent the three stars on the Steelers logo.  I also chose to do two accent nails on each hand using Hit Polish Bumblebee. A beautiful yellow and black glitter indie polish.  She does make a Steelers polish, but since I already owned this one it works just fine!

Yellow-Sally Hansen HD Lite
Black-Milani Black Swift
Accent Nails-Spoiled Correction Tape & Hit Polish Bumblebee

These were a lot of fun to make and I think they look super cool and totally ready to drink some beer, eat some football food, and watch an awesome game! Let me leave you with my favorite Steelers cheer..

Chewin Tobacco Chewin Tobacco 
Spit Spit Spit
If you ain't a Steeler fan
You ain't shit!

Hehe! Will you be watching a game today?  Do you have a team you love?  

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the other ladies bling today!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

31 day Challenge Comparison, very picture heavy!

I thought it would be neat to see the comparison of the first time I did the 31 day challenge to this time, side by side.  In most ways it is evident that I have come a long way.  Both from my care of my nails to the level of artwork and stamping.  Nothing like some determination, practice, and hard work to get you to where you want to go.  I still have a long ways to go, but I think I am allowed to feel some pride :-) If you are a newbie to the nail game then I hope this can give you some inspiration too!! It really wasn't all that long ago that I did the challenge for the first time....less than 5 months ago.

For each of the collage pictures, you will see the first challenge on the left hand side and the recent challenge on the right side.  I started with putting text on each one and then realized that would take to freakin long.  Hope you enjoy!

My first attempt at stamping :-P

Day 6-Violet
Day 7-Black and White
Day 8-Metallic

Day 10-Gradient

Day 11-polka Dots

Day 12-Stripes
Day 13-Animal Print

Day 14-Flowers

Day 15-Delicate Print
Day 16-Tribal Print

Day 17-Glitter

Day 18-Half Moons.  The first time around I completely skipped this manicure and the second time, it isn't even worth showing. :-P

Day 19-Galaxies

Day 20-Water Marble (help!! I still can't get it!)

Day 21-Inspired by Color (I love me some greens!)

Day 22-Inspired by a Song

Day 23-Inspired by a movie

Day 24-Inspired by a book

Day 25-Inspired by fashion

Day 26-Inspired by a pattern
Day 27-Inspired by art

Day 28-Inspired by a flag

Day 29-Inspired by the supernatural

Day 30-Inspired by a tutorial

Day 31-Recreate your favorite challenge 

I have learned so many things over the past few months.  Just look at the difference in my cuticles!  And the shape of my nails.  Even the precision of my stamping and nail art.  This has given me such confidence to keep working hard and trying new things!  Thank you to all of the ladies who gave me inspiration and have taught me things just by being supportive and giving advice through the ever magical world of the interwebs!!  

Let me know what you think! Which one did you think I made the most improvements on?  Is there any you think I did better the first time around?  

Thanks for stopping by! XOXOXO