Llama Lacquers

Another great review of one of my polishes.  Rick Grimes, Zombie Killer.  Thanks so much Tragedy!!

 Make sure you click on the link to read the review and check out her other awesome mani's too!


I have created a new line this week in honor of some family friends of ours.  They have been an inspiration to many people and to myself and it only seemed logical to make a polish line dedicated to them.  If you want to know their story, check out my Batman nails blog post.  So this polish collection is all about the girls. Each one is inspired and named for all of the Johnson girls from momma Susie to the baby Rene.  Enough chit chat....look at the pictures!!

They are up for sale! Go Go GO!!!!!


So, I love fall and I love Halloween.  I have always been a big Stephen King fan and as of recently a big zombie fan.  (so much so that I am throwing a huge zombie party!!)  So, my Halloween line is expanding. I originally started with only the two, but I have two more up for sale today and another one that I am trying to finalize that will be up later this week.  Wanna see???

I just love Pumpkin Puke.  Can't wait to do my own fall manicure with it :-)


Go check out the review that Brittany at Adventures and Mishpas in the Land of Nail Polish
did of the Princess Bride Collection.  Some great pictures and some honest reviews :-)  And then go buy some!!!


I am loving doing this!!  So I made a whole new collection!  This time it based on my favorite female characters from 1980 cartoons.  The pictures really speak for themselves!!  If you like, go to my shop and make buy some! They are waiting for you :-)


I am so very proud to present my own line of indie polish called Llama Lacquers.  This baby is a product of months of research and experimenting and lots of love <3.   Where does the llama come from you ask?  Well, my saying is "Save the drama for your llama" and it kind of snowballed from there.  I don't like drama, I don't want it, and there is just no room in my nail polish loving world for it.  So, one of my lovely followers came up with the name for me....thank you Inky Whiskers!!

My first collection is based on The Princess Bride...my all time favorite movie. The best cast of characters EVER! The beautiful Princess Buttercup, The forever loving and dangerous Westley (the man in black), the evil Prince Humperdink, everyones favorite Spaniard Inigo Montoya, the large and lovable Fezzik, an overly confident and sinister Vizzini, a priest with an awesome lisp, and of course the hilarious magic Max and his witch wife!  This movie has so many memorable moments and is such a great inspiration for a line of nail polish.

I have also created two polishes for Halloween.  One based on the movie the book/movie The Shining and another based on my favorite zombie show The Walking Dead.  

I have plenty in stock as they are all made to order as of now! Please come by my etsy story and buy one for yourself or for a friend! Llama Lacquers

P.S.  I am in the process of creating another line based on the best female cartoon characters of the 1980s!


  1. So happy for you! I sing the Jem song sometimes and Chad looks at me like I am crazy! Love your iocane powder. LOL

    1. Thanks babe! You are a little bit crazy you know:-)

  2. Hey thanks for the post hunny bunch!

  3. Here you go Darlin...Redrum!