Friday, October 5, 2012

Goblin Blood

Hello my dears! It feels so good to be able to write blog posts two days in a row. Especially since I've been so busy to begin with.  I just love October.  Halloween, fall, and so many birthdays that I know...including my own. This means the Sally's $10 off coupon :-) I have been eyeing the Wicked Collection from China Glaze for quite some time now, so I went to Sally's to purchase it for my early birthday present. I perused the shelves I was super disappointed when they weren't there and the sales lady said they weren't for sale. I then proceeded to pick out some other beautiful polishes to try to appease my sadness when from the back of the store I hear "Oh! We do have them!" Why the hell they weren't on the shelves I don't know.  But she had to call her manager to see if she could sell them to me as the set. I still can't believe the price. $8.99 for four China Glaze polishes. Awesome. And they are even more gorgeous in person.  So, I had to do a manicure with them right away.  I used Roguish Red and Bizzare Blurple over a NYC green.  I did drips to make it look like I dipped my tips in some kind of ooey gooey goblin blood.  Man I love Halloween and the fall.  So much inspiration for cool nail art!
Base-NYC Luxury Lime Creme
Drips-China Glaze, Roguish Red & Bizzare Blurple

I totally love these.  Fun and icky at the same time.  What is your favorite time of the year to get inspiration for your nails?  

On another note, I am so ridiculously happy at how my cuticles and skin look now that I have been taking better care of them.  Can you tell the difference?

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. This is so cool! Love the red and purple drips over that green. Perfect Halloween mani!

  2. lol that is so much fun. I like!!!

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    1. feel free to email me @

  4. I can imagine your disappointment when you went there to buy these polishes and the saleswoman said they weren't there. On the other hand, I gladly can imagine you joy when you heard that, yes, they were available for sale!!!!!
    I also love October. Over this month, the posts are weirdly special... I'm even posting some special mani to Halloween night... I mean, for me, Halloween is every single day.
    Enough of my chit chattin...
    Well, I've loved this mani of yours... the colors, the way you lacquered the nail tips..
    Oh, yeah, one thing that I'm not glad for is that fact that here in Brazil is Springtime and I'm desperate with all this goddamn hot weather... aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!
    Enjoy this time!
    Rock Ur Nails!

    1. Thanks so much! Does it ever really get cold in where you are in Brazil? I guess there have to be some places that are far enough south to get cold. Today was our first real cold day. It was awesome :-)