Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Years together

Today is my 3 year anniversary so I HAD to do some nails :)  My husband Stu is pretty freakin awesome.  He is so awesome that he chose to marry me.  And that made us team awesome.  It's funny to think that it has only been three years and we have only known each other for 5 because I hardly remember a time without him. Not to say I don't remember all of the relationships that taught me what I didn't want in a man and that led me to him.  But I guess I just can't imagine life without him.  My mother always said if you sing at the dinner table you will marry a crazy person.  So I sang.  Who knew that my husband did it too :-P Now our daughter does it.  I hope she is as lucky as me someday.  
It's all about the love

Base colors are Wet n Wild Dreamy poppy and NYC Taxi Yellow Creme
Stamped with Spoiled Correction Tape
Pinkie-Also used Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter
Stamp is m38
I also added gold dots with Loreal Amazon's Flash
Ring Finger- Stamp is BM 311
Middle Finger-Stamp is BM 317
I also added some glitter dots using the Loreal Amazon's Flash
Pointer Finger-Stamp is BM 11
Thumb-Stamp is BM 303

and here is a picture from our wedding day three years ago :)

and here we are on our wedding day with our daughter....who was 14 mos old at the time


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I just checked out your blog and you have a great eye for colors :)

  2. Happy anniversary. This is such a cute mani! I love it!!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so in love with the new BM plates. So many awesome things to do

  3. Congradulations! This is a super cute mani!
    Love the combos

  4. So pretty. Love the color combos. Happy anniversary!!

    1. thank you! Love your name btw....being a libra myself, I tend to adore other Libras :)