Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gothic inspired

Another group that my nail alias belongs to is called Adventures in Stamping.  This group does Sunday challenges that the members vote on weekly.  This Sunday's challenge was Goth nails.  I think most people think only black and skulls when they think of goth, but to me I thought of Victorian gothic.  Things like lace, delicate patterns, dark colors, and apparently fairies :-)  I actually chose the fairy because June 24th is international fairy day!!  My daughter and I love fairies.  So, I chose dark purple and black and one of my stamps that looks like fish net stockings as well as a fairy stamp.  So here they are

Base color is Sinful Colors Let's Talk
I stamped in Milani Black Swift
I drew in the scallops on the thumb with my striping Kiss nail art brush
The lace stamp is BM209
The fairy stamp is m35

I love my little fairy, I call her Lola

Gothic ladies wear fishnet stockings right?