Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'B'ows and zom'B'ies

Bows and Zombies.  Those two things absolutely go together, right?  I made the decision that they do after trying to come up with something unique for week two of the ABC's of nails for my Llama Lacquers group.  I have had zombies on the brain for a few days as I am planning a zombie party for Halloween.  I could think of nothing but zombie zombie zombie. Zombie does not start with B.  Someone suggested doing Braaaaaaaiiiinnns and I love that idea, but I couldn't figure out how.  So I decided I wanted to do bows. Yes, not anywhere in the realm of zombiedom, but I made it work.  I figure some girl zombies have bows in their hair.  I mean, they don't choose when they turn into zombies.  It could be on prom night, or out on a date, or even their wedding for crying out loud.  So my nails are a tribute to those poor zombie girls who got all dressed up and never made it to their fancy ball.  Forced to roam in search of brains and human flesh, still adorned with their beautiful bows on their heads :-P

I started with a french manicure using a zombie flesh colored polish by Essie and then topped it with my very own indie polish Rick Grimes, Zombie Killer.  I also used this on the accent nail.  The zombie skin effect is awesome!  I just love how it looks all rotting but sparkly at the same time! I then freehanded some bows on the tips of each nail.  I added some sparkly red to look like blood dripping from the bow. Poor zombie girl.  

Base & Tips-Essie High Spirits topped with Llama Lacquers Rick Grimes, Zombie Killer
Bow-It's So Easy Striper Black
Blood- LA Colors striper red glitter

I left the right hand unzombified so you could see the awesomeness that is my new polish.  If you haven't already done so, please go check out my polishes on etsy.  Llama Lacquers

I hope you liked me zombie BOW nails.  I sure had fun making them.  There are so many more Halloween themed mani's coming in the next month, I just can't wait.  Do you love Hallween as much as I do?  

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate all your comments.  Make sure to check out the other 'B'eautiful manicures by the other ladies.