Sunday, September 16, 2012

Girly Girl Challenge Elegant Print

I feel like I haven't been around much! It started with football partying last Sunday, then the cocktail flu on monday, and then both of my children were down with strep throat the rest of the week plus I opened up my etsy store, Llama Lacquers, on Tuesday. Today was the first day I was actually able to go out of the house and be amongst the living.  I miss blogging every day :-(  But I think I miss reading everyone else's blogs and commenting on the beautiful manicures that my ladies do the most.  I feel like I'm neglecting other bloggers.  Sorry ladies....I love you!!!

On a good note, Llama Nails (my new group on facebook) had a great first challenge day! So many people posted and we are up to 62 members. I really never expected so many people to join.  Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who have joined and are participating! Oh, and saving the drama for the llama <3

Onto the nails.  This week's girly girl challenge was Delicate/Elegant print.  I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I saw this.  I have been waiting to use my bundle monster paisley stamp since I got it, and I was finally able to! I also used two new Sinful Colors I got from the $.99 sale from Walgreens.  I chose two different bases Leap Fog which I stamped with a metallic purple, and then I used a metallic SC called Hot Wired which I stamped with white.  I love the Leap Fog.  It went on completely opaque in two coats.  You could almost get away with one coat but it left a few bald spots. Overall I like this manicure.  I think the stamping could have been a little bit better (especially on the middle finger).  I do love the two color stamping on the accent nail! What do you think?

Base Coats-Sinful Colors Hot Wired & Leap Fog
Stamp-BM 315 using Maybeline Amethyst Ablaze & Spoiled Correction Tape

On another note, I love my new light box.  It makes all the colors look so life like.  But it sure does show every imperfection! I gotta work on that ;-)  

Thanks for stopping by.  And check out the other girls beautiful delicate manicures!