Tuesday, July 31, 2012

31 Day Challenge

Crazy Nail Lady is my name so apparently I need to live up to it by adding one more thing to my plate.  The 52 week challenge, plus Adventures in Stamping, plus Summer Challenge just wasn't enough.  So why not add the 31 day challenge!  I've done it once, I can do it again!! (It may be cheating, but I think I can make some manis work for more than one challenge at once) I really just want to redeem myself and there is a lovely group of ladies who are doing it for the month of August.  The first time I did it (which really wasn't that long ago) was when I first started doing my nails.  I was not that good.  So here I go again. Someone just suggested to me that I should post my before and after pics as I go along.  Not sure how I feel about that....but maybe I shall :-) If you don't know what the 31 day challenge is here is the schedule.

Day one starts tomorrow.  P.S I've already gotten mine done

Here is a list of the other ladies that will be doing it:

Sally Morgan
 Nikki Muldrew
 Kimberly Rybak
 Felicia Renee Banuelos
 Belén Cortés
 Cristina Santos
Courtney Mendoza
 Natalie Elise
Rebecca Russell
Jessica Beswick
 Raquel Soares
 Kimberly L

Have a wonderful evening!

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