Friday, July 13, 2012

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Shoes or Purses

Just a warning, this post is a bit picture heavy! I love the color of these nails and couldn't stop taking pictures.  This is Day 5 of the 52 week nail challenge.  If  you haven't seen my schedule check out the post in my blog roll.  Today's challenge was shoes and fashion. I like these stamps, especially the shoes, but really my favorite thing is the color! I found a new brand called Chameleon at Rite Aid in Michigan.  It really is like a chameleon...changing colors.  I plan on going back and getting some different colors! I took pictures of my nails at the three different stages of this manicure.  One with the base coat, one with the gradient, and then with the stamping.  What do you think of this color?


Just the base coat. What pretty shine!

Base coat from a different angle

I then added this Pettites Color Fever called Banish

I thought it gave another extra sparkle :)

Outside in the sun after stamping plates BM-307 & BM-213 using Spoiled Correction Tape

In the can see the gradient better here

Thanks again for looking! Let me know what you think, I love to hear all of your comments!