Thursday, July 5, 2012

Won't you Be my Neighbor

  I live in the best neighborhood ever.  We call it Mayberry.  I never in my life thought that I would want that white picket fence kind of life, but here I am and I couldn't be happier.  I decided that I was allowed to enjoy this kind of life because inside I am still that crazy girl who wanted to be a musician in NYC.  So, one this that comes with this awesome neighborhood is a group of amazing women who I can proudly call my friends.  They have been super supportive of my crazy nail addiction and they let me do their nails this week!

My friend Lynette liked my red, white, and blue nails so much that she asked me to reproduce them on her.  I love this girl.  Every day she is excited to see my new nails....most days she is the first to see them.  She is also a nicu nurse so can't really have her nails done, so this was extra special.  Thanks Lynette, you rock!

It was cool to do some striping on someone else's nails.  The lines are much straighter :)

My neighbor on the other side of me is Amber.  She was the first to agree to let me do her nails.  She is also super awesome (I say that word a lot) and pretty much agreed with whatever I wanted to do.  Thank you Amber!

Last but not least is another awesome nieghbor,  Mandy.  Mandy has gorgeous nails and was a real trooper with her two year old sitting on her lap.  (Who also ended up with a cutie patootie manicure)  Thanks Mandy and Evelyn!

A nice summery look :)  I had a few difficulties with the stamping today but other than that I think it turned out pretty good!
Such cute little hands :)  She sat so still and even let her nails dry.  She kept wanting more stickers.  "One More"  

So, thank you again ladies.  I am truly thankful to have moved here and to count you as my friends.  Let me know when you want new ones!!

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