Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 1-Red Splatter

If you don't know this already, I am an awesome multi-tasker.  I have had many years of experience at it....9 years of teaching, 4 years of momming.  Now apparently, a few months of nailing and I can make one mani work for two challenges.  I know you're impressed, who wouldn't be? My talents are endless :-P  For today's challenge I was able to make my first day of the 31 day challenge and the Summer Challenge work together.  The summer challenge was summer splatter.  I have never done splatter.  I still don't think I have.  The first day of the 31 day challenge was red.  I love red. Red reminds me of passion...especially a dark red. It makes me feel all sensual and 'go out and watch Magic Mike' frisky.   I have very few red polishes though.  I think red is one of those colors that doesn't have as many shades to it as the other colors.  I wonder why that is?  Well, my mani tonight is hardly frisky or sensual, it just is what it is.  I didn't have the patience (or willingness to clean up all that mess) to do a real splatter.  So instead I used a toothpick to drag blobs of polish on my nails to make it look splattery.  That's totally a word.

Base-Wet n Wild Burgundy Frost
Splatters-Sally Hansen HD Lite & Wet N Wild Red Red

Thanks for looking! I appreciate your comments.  But before you leave, check out some of the other marvelous girls who are also participating in the 31 day challenge.