Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby, You're a Firework

I had no intention of doing another 4th of July nails, but alas my thumb was splitting and in desperate need of repair.  So, I decided to do another one.  I think I like this one even more.  I love me some fireworks.  I keep wondering how my baby Jack is going to do tomorrow during the fireworks.  I have a feeling he will not be sleeping through them.  I also keep thinking about how much I loved teaching about our American history to my 5th graders.  One of the projects we always did was to analyze the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner and do a project with it.  Considering it is our National Anthem most kids have no idea what the words signify.  *Prepare yourself for another history lesson*  Francis Scott Key wrote a poem in 1814 from a ship where he was being held captive by the English.  He watched from his room as the English attacked Fort McHenry,  hoping beyond hope that the Americans would hold the fort.  As the battle raged on he watched the American flag (the star spangled banner) hold fast over the fort and he knew that the American's had won this battle.  "The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air" always gives me such an image of what the night sky must have looked like from that ship. The poem was later turned into a song to the tune of a song called To Anancreon in Heaven (have no idea what that means)  So fireworks are fun, but they are also significant of our battle to keep America independent.  Btw, this was not the American Revolution :) History lesson over. I feel like such a nerd as I knew all of that information by heart :-P
Also, thanks to the Chinese for creating gunpowder and the idea behind fireworks. Way to go!  And....on to the nails

Red-Wet N Wild Red Red
Blue-NYC Skin  Tight Denim Creme
Glitter flakes are Sally Hansen In the Spotlight
Stamp is BM 316 using Spoiled Correction Tape
Also used some stripers over the stamp.  The Silver is Kiss, the Gold and Pink is It's so Easy

On, one last note.  Adding glitter flakes is not as easy as it looks.  You cannot paint it on like regular nail polish.  To get a good coverage you need to dab it on because a lot of the glitter is just like clear polish and is not always saturated with the glitter flakes.  Just a helpful tip.  Hope you enjoyed looking!


  1. I don't ever recall learning that info about our National Anthem. Thank you!! Loving the mani! I hate having to blob glitter on. Such a pain.

    1. Thanks! I'm a bit of a history nerd. I don't enjoy the application of the glitter either, but the result sure is purty